IT Staffing

Hiring a skilled professional in there relative field from an offshore company to work on a specific project belonging to the client company is called offshore staffing. As per the requirements of the client company, Arte provides the service very efficiently. A pool of professionals willing to work, offshore exist with us. They are technically competent people. We also source them from multiple data source that is maintained by us.

We provide IT staffing solutions to various sectors including Auto, BFSI, Electricals, Electronics, Healthcare, IT Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Product development, Power, Retail, Services, Telecomm, etc.


Þ    Arete sieves through to get the best out of the best talent.

 Þ    The professionals are screened at a preliminary round, where the professionals with the required set of skills specified by the clients are short listed.

 Þ    Technical experts check the skills and competence of the professionals.

 Þ    Then a final interview is conducted for them with HR and the technical expert team of the client company.


 Þ    There is no overhead cost of permanent employee to the client company.

 Þ    No need to train the existing employees.


Þ    Saves time as already the professional is trained and handy with the knowledge.

  The service provider vouches for the skill and competence of the professional.